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COPPOLA'S DIRECTOR'S CUT CABERNET SAUVIGNON - This Cabernet Sauvignon shows a beautiful degree of richness and structure this vintage because of the season’s excellent weather. The winemaker added small amounts of Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot to enrich the complexity of the fruit profile. Full-bodied with sturdy tannins, deep, layered fruit character, and a lushness on the palate, our 2012 Director’s Cut Cabernet Sauvignon boasts a mélange of red and black berry flavors, cherries, cassis, notes of lavender, and a broad range of spices and toasted oak. Will show best with a few years of aging, but can be enjoyed now after an hour or two of canting. $28.95
CABERNET SAUVIGNON -LOUIS M. MARTINI - NAPA, CALIFORNIA The Louis M. Martini Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon exhibits a deep burgundy color with aromas of dark fruits, smoky cedar and dried herbs. Concentrated flavors of black cherry and blackberry are framed nicely by cedar and toast notes on the finish. Rich and broad in the mouth, this wine has a long finish with an expansive palate. This is a well structured and balanced wine that is medium-to-full-bodied and is ready to enjoy now or can be aged up to 5 years. $24.99
CABERNET SAUVIGNON - SILVER PALM - SANTA ROSA, CALIFORNIA With a passion for creating extraordinary Cabernet
Sauvignon Silver Palm has selected grapes from some of the finest coastal vineyards in Northern California and vinted them with traditional and cutting-edge artisan wine-making techniques. The result is a sumptuous, seamless Cabernet. You may consider them obsessed with details - decorating each bottle with platinum, for example - but beauty is in the details. Enjoy.
CALIFORNIA 37 CABERNET SAUVIGNON - SAVE ME SAN FRANCISCO WINE CO. - LIVERMORE,CALIFORNIA. This intense, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon is reminiscent of the first California Cabs the band Train enjoyed during their early days in San Francisco. With rich flavors of ripe cherries and blackberries, this Cab opens with a nose of olives and hints of tobacco and vanilla. Balanced with soft tannins and a long, lingering finish you can enjoy this wine with or without food. $12.50
GSM - LE GRAND NOIR - CABERNET SAUVIGNON - FRANCE Here is a wine that doesn’t sheepishly follow the herd. A touch of spicy Syrah is added to the blackcurrant laced Cabernet Sauvignon to produce a wine that tastes deliciously different. Rich, dark fruit flavors framed by moderate yet silky tannins make it a perfect match with hearty beef dishes. $10.95
OLD VINE ZINFANDEL - PREDATOR - ST. HELENA, CALIFORNIA An intense, full-bodied wine with red fruit, blackberry and spice. Lingering tannins over a long, smoky finish. Bright raspberry, blackberry, black pepper and smoky oak. Bold red raspberry, cherry, juicy blackberry, black pepper with smooth tannins.
Pair with short ribs or a juicy burger.
DREAMING TREE CABERNET SAUVIGNON - GYERSVILLE, CALIFORNIA. An exciting collaboration between Dave Matthews and acclaimed winemaker Steve Reeder, Dreaming Tree captures the spirit of California's wine country. This North Coast Cab highlights classic aromas of blackberry, cherry and herbal notes wrapped by toasted vanilla. It's an easy drinking wine with a lot of character. $13.95
DREAMING TREE CRUSH - GYERSVILLE, CALIFORNIA. An exciting collaboration between Dave Matthews and acclaimed winemaker Steve Reeder, Dreaming Tree captures the spirit of California's wine country. A hand-selected blend of favorite varietals create a red wine that pulls you in with notes of smoky berry and a pop of raspberry jam. Around the dinner table or out on the patio, it's a wine you're going to want to share with your favorite people. $13.95
RED ROCK MERLOT - CALIFORNIA A Wine Enthusiast BEST BUY!!! By using the highest quality California grapes, Red Rock's winemakers have created a uniquely satisfying fruit forward wine. In this Merlot the lush concentrations of black plum and boysenberry are complemented by soft, rounded tannins. A plush mouth feel and a smooth, tapered finish create a delicate harmony found only in the finest wines. $11.95
OAK CASK PINOT NOIR - TRAPICHE - ARGENTINA This Pinot Noir shows a red color of medium intensity. Complex red fruit aromas of cherries and sour cherries with subtle notes of toasted bread, vanilla and butterscotch. Excellent balance of fruit, acidity and sweetness. A light wine to accompany light meals such as white meats with vegetables or pasta with light sauces. $11.95
MISSISSIPPI RIVER RED - PARK FARM WINERY - BANKSTON, IOWA Our most popular red wine. With a touch of sweetness, this young and fruity Foch is a perfect example of the quality that can be produced from this locally grown French hybrid grape. Pair with beef roast, pork chops, steals or blackened redfish. $11.95
From the vineyards of the West Side of Paso Robles, it came...Biker. Big, Bold and Outrageous. Driven by loads of concentrated fruit and spice leaving a trail of lingering oak in its path. Will you ever be the same? Live the thrill. $18.95
Elegant with bright dark fruit aromas and flavors of dark cherry, berry and pomegranate with notes of cola, earth and spice leading to a long, velvety finish. Pair with salmon, poultry, pork and lamb. Our Pinot Noir drinkers love this one! $10.95
MALBEC - ALAMOS - ARGENTINA This is a wonderful, full-bodied red, that competes favorably with Cabernet, Merlot, or Zinfandel. A well balanced wine with notes of blackberry, licorice, leather black pepper, and sweet spice. Very enjoyable, and repeatable. $12.95
JACKSON RED - TABOR HOME VINEYARDS - BALDWIN, IOWA This lighter bodied red wine from Tabor''s vineyard is a fruity, dry wine ready to drink now. Serve with prime rib and mushrooms or veal parmesan. $14.95
Made from the Dornfelder grape, Germany's native and most important variety, this red wine combines luscious flavors of raspberry and cherry with sweet tannins and a delicate sweetness. Serve lightly chilled with chicken, pork and spicy dishes, or simply enjoy on its own. $10.95
SANGRIA CLASSIC - OLIVER WINERY - BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA A delightful blend of red wine and 100% natural flavors make this Sangria festive, flavorful and refreshing. Enjoy this wine chilled, over ice, or with a slice of orange. Enjoy!. $9.95
Characteristic of Clos Du Val’s world-class style, the 2011 Merlot continues the winery’s tradition of producing truly elegant wines of balance and complexity. Refined and plum in color, it offers complex yet vibrant aromas of black currant, dark chocolate, nutmeg and toffee. The mouth-feel is silky and evolved, with flavors of black cherry and blueberry complimented by a silky, lingering finish. $22.95
GSM - LE GRAND NOIR - GRENACHE - SHIRAZ - MOURVÈDRE - FRANCE Here is a wine that doesn’t sheepishly follow the herd. A blending of three grapes creates a fascinatingly complex flavor, combining freshly ground black pepper, dark spice, blackberries and cherries. There is an exciting wildness too from the herbs that thrive in the hills where the vines grown. Pair with lamb stew, salami or sausage. $10.95
CHIANTI - CANDONI - ITALY Produced from a very careful selection of Sangiovese & Merlot grapes this Chianti has a very intense ruby purple red color and a fresh almond and mature blackberry frangrance with a soft, warm, dry & pulpy taste. $12.50
MALBEC - SALVATORE PRINCIPE - ARGENTINA Salvatore Principe Malbec is a brilliant and rich Malbec with tantalizing aromas of ripe plum and sweet spices. Rich flavors of raspberries and spiced red plums are intermingled with silky tannins. Pairs well with pasta, vegetables, mature cheeses, bbq, pizza, stews or roasted meats. It is round, mellow and easy on the finish. This is a very easy Malbec to love. $12.95
This Pinot captures the best of Santa Barbara’s unique terroir with a fresh, light-bodied profile that allows the grape’s varietal character to shine through. An inviting delicate perfume emerges from the glass, while bright cherry and strawberry flavors lightly dance upon the palate. An ideal complement for earthy mushrooms, grilled salmon or lamb. $13.99
A new, distinctive Midwest red wine variety, Tabor Home Marquette has dark fruit aromas and flavors. They produce a medium bodied wine revealing the complex characters that make Marquette wines so delicious. Here is a standout red wine with regional identity.
Soul Sister Pinot Noir is the latest addition and it was inspired by Train’s days playing at small rock clubs in San Francisco. The medium ruby wine has flavors of ripe cherries and strawberries and a hint of vanilla. Is your mouth watering yet? $12.50
Made with superior fruit, crafted with select varietal wine made with organically grown grapes along with a delicious blend of juices. Just pour over ice and garnish with a slice of fruit. Eppa! $11.99
BARN DANCE RED - TABOR HOME This is a slightly sweet, very drinkable blend that includes wine produced from Iowa vineyards. $13.95
Full-bodied and smooth, this is a luscious Merlot with aromas of dark fruits that are followed by rich flavors of chocolate and cherries. As Train lead singer Pat Monahan mentions in their hit song Save Me San Francisco, this is a “Hella Fine Merlot!” $12.50
19 CRIMES - AUSTRALIA The grapes in this wine are Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. With a deep, garnet red color and aromas of new wood, a tiny bit of smoke and even some strawberry. The taste starts out as bright strawberry and sweet cherry jam. It opens up into some fabulous layers: a tinge of oak at the top, the sweet berry in the middle and a kiss of just cut wood at the bottom. This is all finished off with a lingering taste of cocoa powder. So fruit and cocoa and lovely layers of taste…let’s add in that this wine is velvety and lush in the mouth too. And it’s very well balanced – no hot spots anywhere, just elegance all around.


CONUNDRUM RED - CALIFORNIA Lots of red fruit up front. Interwoven bright and bold cherries, soft tannins and a tiny hint of sweetness on the back of the palate gives it a long memorable finish of lush velvety black fruit. $19.95
This is a fruit-forward and insanely loveable, Petite Sirah-based red wine. The minute you uncork the bottle, the boysenberry fruit leaps from your glass. With soft, supple tannins, this wine is great with or without food. $12.50
This Cabernet Sauvignon is complex & beautifully crafted, rich in color showcasing dark plum & cherry flavors accented by layers of chocolate. Six months of oak aging adds character & tantalizing tannins. Pair with your favorite pasta or grilled meat. Inspired by the spirit of life celebrated through human emotion. $12.95
BANKSTON RED - PARK FARM WINERY - BANKSTON, IOWA This country style red is a sweet wine with a fruity nose. Similar to “home made” wines that have been made for generations by farmers & hobbyists in this region. A toast to the rich heritage of our neighbors. $11.95
ZINFANDEL PORT - MONTEVINA - AMADOR COUNTY, CALIFORNIA This Zinfandel Port is redolent of cocoa and vanilla aromas and rich, deep fruit flavors. Enjoy this treasure from Montevina with a piece of dark chocolate. $22.95
FRONTENAC PORT - PARK FARM - BANKSTON, IOWA This wine will hit your mouth like a cannonball! This award winning port style wine is an absolute “must try” for port enthusiasts. 2009 Double Gold Winner From Appelation America. 375 ml Bottle. $22.95 and Worth It!
WHISKER'S BLAKE PORT - HARDY'S - AUSTRALIA This fine 8 year old tawny is as smooth as a clean shaven face. Classic rancio characters and a hint of fruit round out this dessert wine. Creamy, light and luscious. We use it in case of a snake bite! $16.95
ENCORE - LAVENDER CREST This sweet dessert wine made in the style of a Port is a delightful finale to any occasion. The rich berry flavors of the Frontenac grape are fortified with brandy spirits to raise the alcohol level to 19%. YUMMY! $15.99
WILD BLACKBERRY - TABOR HOME VINEYARDS - BALDWIN, IOWA This is a full-bodied, intensely blackberry dessert wine. The berry aromas and color match the rich flavor of this wine. Wild Blackberry is a 100% blackberry wine, made from whole fruit and naturally fermented to 16% alcohol. Sitting down with a dark chocolate dessert and a glass of our Wild Blackberry wine will bring a smile to your face. We also can dip our Wild Blackberry wine bottles (first covered with cellophane) in dark chocolate for a very unique in gift. There is nothing like eating dark chocolate and sipping Wild Blackberry wine. Food Pairing: Black Forest cake, chocolate mousse, cheesecake, black walnut cake. $10.95 - 375 ml.
CHOCOVINE - HOLLAND The taste of Dutch chocolate and fine red wine. This silky smooth and decadent drink can be served on the rocks or as the main ingredient to an array of sinful cocktails. Now in Whipped (As in whipped cream) and Rasbpberry flavors as well. $11.95
CONUNDRUM - RUTHERFORD, CALIFORNIA Conundrum has repeatedly stood on its own as a dramatically different white wine blend that surpasses the scope of single-varietal bottlings. Its layered floral, tropical and spicy flavors combine with a lush texture that make it pleasing to the palate as well as complimentary to a wide range of foods. $19.95
CALLING ALL ANGELS CHARDONNAY - SAVE ME SAN FRANSICO WINE CO., LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA. A fruit-forward, medium bodied Chardonnay from Jimmy Stafford and the musical group Train. The wine has a fantastic citrus scent and a hint of pineapple that works great with the slight vanilla bean notes. The soft tannins and long finish make this great with both a dinner or a drink with friends. $12.50
CHARDONNAY - ALAMOS - ARGENTINA Made at Catena Bodega Zapata, this Chardonnay exudes notes of tropical fruit, stone fruits and citrus with vanilla and spice on the creamy finish. The wine presents a fresh aromatic profile with ripe citrus fruits layered with floral notes and a touch of vanilla. The mouthfeel is full yet clean and crisp, with pear and apple fruits, a touch of grapefruit and sweet allspice. The finish is bright and crisp with refreshing acidity and balance.
Patiently, nature transforms humble elements into something timeless and transcendent. This Sauvignon Blanc captures the best of Santa Barbara’s unique terroir. Tropical fruit aromas and a clean grassiness yield to a well balanced acidity. Enjoy with shellfish, lighter pasta dishes and summer salads. $12.95
This Pinot Grigio is produced from Pinot Grigio grapes grown in vineyards located in the beautiful northeastern region of Italy. This well-balanced wine reveals delicious notes of pears and citrus fruit, and delivers a fragrant, fruity finish. $11.95
PICKET FENCE - PARK FARM WINERY - BANKSTON, IOWA Crisp and well balanced, this Vidal Blanc is semi-sweet and lightly oaked giving hints of fruit and vanilla. Not too sweet and not too dry. Perfect for those on the fence! $11.95
CHARDONNAY - DREAMING TREE - CALIFORNIA An exciting collaboration between Dave Matthews and acclaimed winemaker Steve Reeder, Dreaming Tree captures the spirit of California's wine country. With its big fruit, loads of spice and distinct citrus notes, this wine captures the flavor of the Central Coast and lives up to the promise between two friends.
STICKELBACK WHITE - HEARTLAND - SOUTH AUTRALIA - Flavors of white nectarine and apricot kernel are perfectly balanced by a crisp natural acidity on the finish. All components were harvested relatively early in the season for maximum freshness and bright acidity. Minimal skin contact and cool fermentation on lees heightens the mouthfeel of the wine. Pale lemon in color, Stickleback white has a beautifully fragrant nose, with citrus & tropical fruit flavors bursting out of the glass. Fresh and lively, it makes a perfect anytime drink. $10.99
CANDONI PINOT GRIGIO - ITALY A full fruity aroma and a dry, mellow taste that is particularly well balanced for such a full bodied wine. And a very cool bottle! $11.25
Aromas of caramelly peach cobbler and fresh floral follow with lemon zests and grass notes. A nice, dry, fragrant table wine with a crisp, crisp finish. Wine Enthusiast gives it a big ol’ 85! $9.95 - A GREAT BUY!
Bone dry, high in acidity and peppery, this white blend has flavors of citrus rind, water chestnuts, sweet bell peppers and vanilla. It is an interesting interpretation of an everyday table wine. Chenin Blanc, Roussanne and Viognier combine beautifully then age in French Oak for a lovely oaky finish. $9.95
SWEET TEMPTATION - LAVENDER CREST - COLONA, ILLINOIS With its distinct Golden Muscat aroma and flavor, you will not be able to resist this sweet dessert wine made from Muscat of Alexander and Seyval grapes. Serve chilled. Similar to Moscato. $16.50
FIRST BLOOM - TABOR HOME VINEYARDS - BALDWIN, IOWA The slight sweetness of this Vidal Blanc wine is balanced by the grapes own citrus and melon characteristics. If you like Rhine-style whites, you''ll love First Bloom. $12.95
PINOT GRIGIO - AMANO - ITALY This Italian wine has the refreshing crispness and soft fruity flavors of apple and peach that
make it so popular. Use it to toast to the good life. Absolutely irresistible! Also available in the 3.0 Liter (That's 4 bottles!) Octavin for $19.95. The Octavin is a great way to keep your wine fresh in your fridge for up to 6 weeks. Stop in and I'll show you how one works,
FAITHFUL FRIENDS - LAVENDER CREST - COLONA, ILLINIOS A delicate semi-sweet white wine crafted especially for the Quad City Animal Welfare Center. A portion of the proceeds goes to support this worthy endeavor. $17.50
RIESLING - STARLING CASTLE - GERMANY The Mosel valley produces the best grapes for Germany's most famous wine, Riesling. This elegant, well balanced Riesling with its fresh, fruity bouquet is the perfect accompaniment to light meals, dessert or simply on its own. $10.95
WHITE SANGRIA CLASSIC - OLIVER WINERY - BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Carefully crafted white wine blended with 100% natural flavors makes this wine fresh, fragrant and delicious. Enjoy this wine chilled, over ice, or with a twist of lemon or lime for a special treat. Enjoy! $9.95
RIESLING - HOGUE CELLARS - WASHINGTON From one of Washington State’s most respected wineries this Riesling has a touch of sweetness and a balanced medley of ripe apricot, tangerine, and peach flavors. Enjoy this refreshingly versatile wine on its own or paired with spring rolls, pork stir fry, seafood, or fish. $10.49

Made with superior fruit, crafted with select varietal wine made with organically grown grapes along with a delicious blend of juices. Just pour over ice and garnish with a slice of fruit. Eppa! $11.99
IOWA LA CRESCENT - PARK FARM WINERY - BANKSTON, IOWA Iowa grown grapes create bright fruit flavors of pineapple, apricot and pear that burst on to the palate, perfectly complimented by bright acidity and a sweet finish. Pairs well with creme brulee, fruit salad or cheese cake. Serve chilled. $11.95
In King Arthur's fabled kingdom of Camelot, mead was a symbol of camaraderie among the Knights of the Round Table and the quiet promise of love between the knights and their ladies. Camelot Mead is Oliver Winery's revival of this historic libation. Made from pure honey, it is delightful served chilled with fruit and light cheeses. $9.95
This pleasantly aromatic, medium-sweet wine captures delightful flavors of pear, sweet oranges and cinnamon. A perfect compliment to soft cheeses, spicy cuisine, or simply enjoy on its own.
A REAL SWEETIE - TABOR HOME VINEYARDS - BALDWIN, IOWA Take time to savor Tabor's Real Sweetie wine. You will be delighted how bright fruit flavors develop as you taste this well-bablanced, sweeter wine made from Iowa grown LaCrosse grapes. $12.95
BRIANNA - TABOR HOME VINEYARDS - BALDWIN, IOWA Becoming a favored variety in Iowa, Brianna wines have tropical fruit aromas and flavors when grapes are harvested at early ripeness. Tabor Home’s Brianna is a well-balanced, clean finishing sweeter wine. Flavorful white cheeses make delicious pairings with this Brianna. $14.95
ARIDO MOSCATO - ARGENTINA Sweet innovation. Your best pal in happy times. This is a naturally sweet wine with a relatively low alcohol content. A pale, steely, vivid yellow color with a nose of fresh and candied orange peel. Sweet, but not cloying due to a perfect balance of acidity. Kind, fresh, with a prickly pinch of naughtiness. Serve chilled.
SPARKLING WINES - Serve chilled
A TOAST OF IOWA - TABOR HOME VINEYARDS - BALDWIN, IOWA Toast of Iowa is a slightly sweet LaCrosse wine from the Tabor vineyards carbonated to create a delightfully bright wine with delicate fruit flavors. Crafted for celebrating. Add a custom label to create the perfect gift. $18.95
Grown in Italy, Prosecco is cherished for its expressiveness. This sparkling wine offers a fresh and vibrant bouquet of golden apple, white peach, and honeysuckle. This sparkling wine is definitely a class act! $13.95
ANNA DE CODORNIU - BRUT CAVA - CORDORNIU - SPAIN Anna de Cordorniu Cava is a pure lively and elegant sparkling wine from the Penedès area of Spain, near Barcelona. Jonogold apple, honey, candied citrus peel and vanilla notes with a creamy texture and lingering finish. A Wine Spectator “Highest Rated Under $15” . $14.95
SONG OF THE VINE - TABOR HOME WINERY, BALDWIN, IOWA "Song of the Vine" with its bright, unforgettable aroma and bursting flavor of American Catawba grapes is a semi-dry, carbonated rose wine. We believe the Upper Midwest Valley can excel in producing refreshing, delightful wines like "Song of the Vine." So did Longfellow. $15.95
Need a great Mother's Day gift idea? Mom's Day isn't traditionally a drinking holiday but this might turn it into one. Liefmans Fruitesse is a unique fresh beer blend - maturing for 18 months on cherries the Liefman's cellars - which is artfully blended with natural juices of cherry, bilberry, elderberry, strawberry and raspberry. The result is a fruity pleasantly sweet, sparkling and refreshing beer with a soft, foam head.  A terrifically refreshing gift for Mom or for any Lambic fan looking for a nice warm weather change of pace. Cheers! $11.95
For all of you Sangria lovers this garnet red brilliantly colored wine is expressive on the nose, enhancing lime, lemon and cinnamon notes. Sweet and balanced on the mouth this Sparkling Sangria is a great big bubbly bite of juicy fruit that can only be described as yummy. A delicious accompaniment to spicy foods, fried foods, and party snacks—even chips and salsa. OLE!


SPARKLING MOSCATO LOUNGE ASTORIA - ITALY Astoria “Lounge” Sparkling Moscato has very fine and persistent bubbles with straw yellow and greenish reflections. The wine is delicately sweet with a basis of fresh fruit flavors of peach, melon, and pear balanced with gentle notes of white
petals. The finish is balanced and well rounded.
This clear wine with golden highlights glistens delicately in your glass. The natural peach flavor infused into the bottle creates an aroma of mature peach fruit. The blend of peach flavor, effervescence and just the right amount of sweetness is perfect. Just peachy pairs with appetizers or salads and is wonderful on its own. Serve chilled. $11.99
APPLAUSE - TABOR HOME VINEYARDS - BALDWIN, IOWA A crisp, semi-sweet carbonated rosé wine made from Iowa-grown Catawba grapes. Applause is bursting with apple and grape aromas and flavors. Whether entertaining, celebrating or sitting on the porch, you will be applauding your choice of this unique, delightful wine. $14.95
MOSCATO D''ASTI - UMBERTO FIORE - ITALY This wine is known all over the world because of its characteristic aroma which is reminiscent of
ripe grapes and honey. It is a sweet wine which goes well with cakes and confectionery. Light, bubbly and refreshing it is also a perfect by the glass treat. Add a custom label for a stunning gift.
MOSCATO - ASTORIA - ITALY Astoria “Lounge” Sparkling Moscato has very fine and persistent bubbles with straw yellow and greenish reflections. The wine is delicately sweet with a basis of fresh fruit flavors of peach, melon, and pear balanced with gentle notes of white petals. The finish is balanced and well rounded. $13.95 - 750 ml.
MOSCATO - ASTORIA - ITALY Astoria “Lounge” Sparkling Moscato has very fine and persistent bubbles with straw yellow and greenish reflections. The wine is delicately sweet with a basis of fresh fruit flavors of peach, melon, and pear balanced with gentle notes of white petals. The finish is balanced and well rounded. Also in a fun single serving size. $4.79 - 187 ml.
BLUSH WINE - Serve Chilled
Meadowsweet is a delicious blend of rose wine and grapefruit. An appealing, pure pink wine with a shimmer of darker pink. The tangy aroma of fresh grapefruit melds irresistibly with the smooth flavor of rose wine to deliver a vibrant, refreshing treat. $8.99
CATAWBA ROSE - TABOR HOME This wine was made to capture the fruit flavor of this popular American grape. Wine made from the catawba grapes of the Tabor Iowa vineyards was used to "blush" this wine and add body. A slightly sweet wine that many enjoy chilled.

PINK CATAWBA - ST. JAMES WINERY- ST Pink Catawba is fragrant and fruity with a delightful balance of sweet and tart. Share St. James' award winning wines with friends and family.. $7.49
CHEEKY BLUSH - PARK FARM WINERY Light, fresh, fruity and fun with just a hint of cheeky attitude. $9.95
MARY'S BLUSH - LAVENDER CREST A touch of citrus and floral, complimented by peach and pear accents make this semi-sweet wine one to enjoy on all occasions. $14.50
AMANA FRUIT WINES - Serve chilled. Delightfully sweet fruit wines produced in the Amanas. Of the wineries in the Amanas only the Ackerman winery uses fresh fruit to blend their wines. You can see and taste the difference.
AUTUMN BLEND WINE - ACKERMAN WINERY A refreshing cranberry and apple wine combination. $12.50
AMERICAN PRIDE - ACKERMAN WINERY A flag waving cranberry and grape wine combination. $12.50
LOVER'S WINE - ACKERMAN WINERY A delightful mixture of cranberry and plum wines. $12.50
FRUIT WINES - Serve chilled or hot spiced.
ELECTRIC RASPBERRY - TABOR HOME This wine has only a slight sweetness and is balanced by the tarness if the red raspberries. From 100% whole fruit, our red raspberry wine taste like freshly picked berries. Try it with our Wine-A-Rita mix!!! $12.95
BLACKBERRY - ST. JAMES WINERY - ST. JAMES, MISSOURI Sweet wine with fresh from the field blackberry flavor. Sip it, spritz it, sauce it! This is an outstanding sipping wine! Serve chilled. $8.49
BLUEBERRY - ST. JAMES WINERY - ST. JAMES, MISSOURI Real fruit creates a sweet wine with fresh from the field blueberry flavor. Sip it, sparkle it, sauce it! A definite “yummy”! $8.49/td>
SHAGON APPLE WINE - BLACK LAB CROSSING Fresh apple taste reminiscent of a perfect fall day. Produced in Davenport, Iowa without pesticides or sulfites. Take a bite... $10.95
CHERRY WINE - ST. JAMES WINERY, ST. JAMES, MISSOURI An outstanding dessert wine with fresh from the orchard cherry flavor This wine is guaranteed to make you smile! A sweet cherrylicious deep red to serve with dark chocolates! $8.49
COSMIC BOG - LAVENDER CREST Mainting the right balance between sweet and tart, this versatile wine made from pure cranberry juice is a perfect accompaniment to blue cheese, duck, turkey, and chocolate desserts. Ask for our legendary mulled cranberry wine recipe and a package of mulling spices. $16.99
CROWN MULLING SPICES Crown Mulling Spice combines convenience with delicius taste to enhance both foods and your favorite drink. Perfect for cider, wine & tea. Great for baking. 6 oz. package $3.95
WINE-A-RITA Not a Margarita but a Wine-A-Rita! Blend with your favorite wine for a tantalizing wine slush. Easy mixing directions included. All you need is wine, ice and a blender. Makes 9 - 8 oz. servings. A perfect hostess gift. $11.95
FOXY - LAVENDER CREST Enjoy this delicious wine produced from Concord grapes. The "foxy" wild grape flavor produces a young, sweet red table wine that is light, fragrant, fresh and fruity. Especially delicious with light foods or desserts. Serve gently chilled. $14.50
JUBILEE - LAVENDER CREST WINERY Reminiscent of biting into a slice of your grandma's cherry pie, this wonderful wine treats you to the heady aroma of red cherry. Not too sweet, not too tart. Sit back and enjoy the compliments when you serve Jubilee at your parties. $16.99
OUT OF THE BLUE - LAVENDER CREST WINERY The deep, luxurious/purple color of Out Of The Blue tempts your senses and invites you to explore the wine firther. Swirl a little in the glass and breathe deeply to enjoy the intense blueberry experience that awaits you upon the first sip. $14.99
STRAWBERRY HONEY WINE - OLIVER WINERY - BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Rich aromas and a jammy mouthfeel make this the perfect picnic wine. You'll want to spread it on toast. $9.95
JUICY ORANGE - FRUSION WINE - CALIFORNIA Like a quick trip to the islands, a splash of natural orange essence accelerates the tropical citrus tones in this zesty, medium-bodied wine. Lemon, green apple and nectarine flavors sway like an island breeze with light tannins and a smooth finish. $8.99
BEACHES - LAVENDER CREST WINERY - COLONA, ILLINOIS Niagara grapes, the white skinned counterpart to Concord, make a heady, heavily scented wine with floral notes. This crowd pleaser is best served chilled to sip with friends, family and almost any food. Summertime in a glass!! $13.50
CRANBERRY WHISTLE- TABOR HOME Naturally sweet cranberry wine Not too sweet and not too tart. $12.50
CHEERY CHERRY - TABOR HOME - BALDWIN, IOWA Made from 100% cherries, the deep cherry red color is consistent with the full-bodied flavor of this wine. The richness and full cherry pie aroma make Cheery Cherry a perfect wine to savor with many desserts or after dinner as a dessert itself. Food Pairing: Rich chocolate desserts and cheesecake.
BLACKHAWK RESERVE DRY RED RASPBERRY WINE - BLACK LAB CROSSING A delightfully fresh & natural raspberry taste. Mild, yet intense at the same time. Sip slowly and enjoy with a great piece of chocolate. 375 ml. $13.95
WATERMELON HONEY WINE - OLIVER WINERY - BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA Summer in a glass and no need to spit the seeds. $9.95
SOFT RED WINE - OLIVER WINERY - BLOOMINTON, INDIAN A Mid-western favorite, this wine made from Concord grapes is luscious and full of flavor. An easy drinking place to start to learn to enjoy red wines. $9.95
CRISP PEAR - FRUSION WINE - CALIFORNIA Like the cool side of the pillow on a hot summer night, this wine is a heat-quencher's dream. This white wine's tart, clean frame is accented by natural pear essence, amplifying the stone fruit core. Layers of apricot blossoms and nectarines on the nose lead to refreshing pear crispness on the finish. $8.99
FRESH PEACH - FRUSION WINE - CALIFORNIA Pure peach essence highlights the fresh stone fruit characteristics of this light white wine, making every sip like drinking cobbler from a glass. Fragrant honeysuckle, peach and citrus blossoms on the nose precede flavors of honey-dipped melon and of course, peach. $8.99